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Highend Swap!!

Swap, Sell, and talk about Highend Goods!

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for talking about and swapping/selling Highend Goods. This includes all highend, name brand cosmetics and fashion products.

Please post reviews of your new highend cosmetics purchases and/or rave about your new Prada Shoes or Marc Jacobs Coat. We are all here for the love of highend products and we'd all like to know what is good! If you find out that your new purchase just isn't the right color or find that you don't use it enough..then put it up for swap here!!.

This community is dedicated to being a fun and safe place to talk, swap and sell highend goods.


  1. No SWAPPLIFTING, you will be BANNED immediately and you may face legal action!
  2. If decide not to swap with someone who offered please let them know.
  3. If your swap list, as a whole, is longer than 10-15 lines, please place it behind an lj-cut.
  4. Posting pictures of your items (for swap or just to show) is wonderful, but please place them behind an lj-cut
  5. Be respectful of one another at all times and keep posts/comments friendly.
  6. Please do not advertise without expressed permission.
  7. Last but not least HAVE FUN!!

The success of this community relies on the members, if you have any suggestions or ideas for our community, please contact me, epiphaneia, the community moderator.

As this community grows we will periodically have contests for NEW HIGHEND prizes!!


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